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01 September 2020

Easy Biscoff Nice Cream (Vegan!)

Easy Biscoff Nice Cream (Vegan!) | Take Some Whisks

If there is one thing I have been trying to perfect for a while now, it's the perfect flavour combo for banana nice cream. Believe me, when I say, it has been a struggle

Everyone knows now that frozen bananas whizzed up can make a great vegan, healthier alternative to ice cream, but let's be honest, it can get a bit bland as just bananas. Enter flavours...

Easy Biscoff Nice Cream (Vegan!) | Take Some Whisks
Easy Biscoff Nice Cream (Vegan!) | Take Some Whisks

So far I have tried chocolate with cacao nibs (and also choc chips), I have tried regular ol' banana, I've tried mint choc chip (several times, none successes)... but I've finally done it. Mid one of my many attempts at mint choc chip nice cream, I thought, why have I never tried it with Biscoff? 

The game had been changed. 

You only need two ingredients to make this nice cream: bananas and Biscoff. That's it. And it couldn't be easier. 

Easy Biscoff Nice Cream (Vegan!) | Take Some Whisks

It does require a bit of advance prep though, by freezing sliced ripe bananas, but that can easily be done when you've got bananas that are past their prime and edging on the much darker scale. The darker they are (or riper), the sweeter your ice cream is going to taste. You do not want to freeze your bananas when they are all shiny and yellow. Just eat them then. Save the ripe ones for this ice cream, trust me. 

To prepare, all you need to do is slice them up into chunks and pop them in a freezer bag for when you want a healthier dessert alternative. 

Note, I said healthier, because let's face it, sometimes we still want the chocolate sharebags to ourselves. 

Easy Biscoff Nice Cream (Vegan!) | Take Some Whisks
Easy Biscoff Nice Cream (Vegan!) | Take Some Whisks

To make the ice cream, simply whizz up your frozen sliced bananas in a food processor until smooth. My food processor isn't the best at times, so this step did take a little while and will involve you scraping down the mixture sometimes to ensure the mix is completely smooth. But it's well worth it. When it's smooth, then add your Biscoff spread. Add less than you think you need. 

As my Dad always says, "you can always add, never take away".

So edge on the less is more side. You can always taste as you go along too...

Easy Biscoff Nice Cream (Vegan!) | Take Some Whisks
Easy Biscoff Nice Cream (Vegan!) | Take Some Whisks

Optional add in's at this point can be Biscoff biscuits crumbled in (which I obviously opted for) and also swirled in Biscoff spread (which I again opted for). Did I say less is more? That was a lie, I'm sorry. 

Easy Biscoff Nice Cream (Vegan!) | Take Some Whisks

Then when it's all combined, you have the choice of soft serve or freeze. The result is great either way, but practice some patience and stick it in the freezer for a few hours. Then devour and have no regrets. 

Have you tried nice cream before?

Easy Biscoff Nice Cream (Vegan!) | Take Some Whisks

Easy Biscoff Nice Cream 

Makes: a whole lot of ice cream

3-4 ripe bananas (the more bananas, the larger your batch will be)
2tbsp Biscoff Spread 
Optional: Biscoff biscuits

  1. In advance, you will need to slice the ripe bananas and pop them into freezer bags. Place in the freezer roughly 12-24 hours before you need them. 
  2. When they are fully frozen, put them in a food processor/blender and whizz them until smooth. This may take some time, it will become smooth, I promise. 
  3. Next, add your Biscoff. You can add more, as needed to suit your taste. You want to whizz for a couple of minutes until fully combined. 
  4. You can either serve at this point for soft serve or put the mixture into a freezer dish or tupperware box to fully set. If you are adding biscuits in or swirling Biscoff through, this is the point you will want to do this. 
  5. Leave to set in the freezer for at least 3 hours to firm up. Then serve! 

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