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10 May 2016

London from the Sky Garden

You’d think that living just an hour away from London that I’d visit more often, but sadly not. The hustle and bustle of the city isn’t enough to keep pulling me back, but finding little gems like this place does help.

For my sister's birthday, we wanted to do something special, a little adventure. We set off to find places we'd never been before all over London. One of those places was the Sky Garden.

Nestled away on Fenchurch Street just a few minutes walk from Monument tube station, stands the unusually shaped building. 155 metres up is a large glass dome which houses 3 storeys of public gardens. It’s essentially a greenhouse in an office building, with an observation deck as a bonus and it’s all kinds of pretty.

I love a good view, whether it's Top of the Rock in NYC or the TV Tower in Berlin. Anything for a good photo op.

Another bonus? It’s totally 100% free. You can either book a visit about 3 weeks in advance online or show up on the day before 11am for entry.

Arriving at just gone 10am, it was the perfect stop for an early brunch of sorts. Any excuse to try out their bakery really.

Their blueberry muffins are huge and delicious and soft. I’m craving one all over again right now.

They had a light crumb coating on top and it was life changing and I plan on replicating it the next time I bake blueberry muffins.

They also have a variety of other baked goods, from brownies to chocolate muffins to cake to doughnuts. If you're looking for a healthier option, then there are plenty of fresh fruit salads available too.

Being that my sister has coeliac, we had checked before and they did offer gluten free muffins – bonus! However, when it came, it was more like a tiny, pale cupcake than a muffin. So there's definitely room for improvement on their gluten free variety. 

A range of refreshing drinks, freshly squeezed lemonade and smoothies are available and I highly recommend the Berry smoothie. With blackberries, blueberries and strawberries, it was just delicious and refreshing. Perfect for a sunny Spring day out.

You can try and steal yourself a seat close to the window to take in the views of London below or opt for a less crowded table in the middle of a garden. It’s a totally different take on all of the sky high towers and viewing platforms you have in various cities now.

Also helps that there was food involved. 

Have you been to the Sky Garden? Let me know of any other hidden gems in London that are worth having a visit!

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