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21 March 2016

Easter Bark

Creamy white chocolate, sprinkled with crushed mini eggs, chunks of easter egg and mini oreos. Roughly chopped and packaged up, this Easter bark makes the perfect easter present!
Easter Chocolate Bark | Hungry Little Bear

I've meaning to make a chocolate bark for quite a while now. After lusting after every possible combination known to Pinterest, I've finally done it. 

I love mini eggs. Let's just get that out of the way now. Yes, the recipe may have changed recently and the chocolate may not be as Cadbury creamy.  But they're still my favourite treat at Easter.

Easter Chocolate Bark | Hungry Little Bear

When they start to appear in shops, it's like goodbye winter, hello spring and easter and all that's chocolatey and good in the world. An open packet doesn't usually last longer than a day in my house. Those family bags, maybe a day or two extra.

But those big packets are like gold dust to to find. After seeing them in Asda one day for the bargain price of £2, I naturally bought a bag and when I returned, they were all gone. Sad faces everywhere.

Easter Chocolate Bark | Hungry Little Bear

So with a (small) bag of mini eggs in one hand and a small easter egg in the other, I set to work to cure my chocolate cravings in an easter bark. 

This little treat is so simple and versatile, you could use it for almost anything. If you spread the chocolate thin, you could cut the bark into shards to place around a cake. You could package them up to gift to friends and family at easter. Chop them up into a sizeable chunks and throw them into a brownie batter. Drool.

Easter Chocolate Bark | Hungry Little Bear

Or you could settle down on the sofa and eat a shard (or two... or three) one saturday night, while catching up on the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy. Because that's Saturday goals right there.


200g of your favourite chocolate
A handful (or more) of crushed mini eggs
A handful of mini oreos
A broken up chocolate easter egg

  1. Lay a sheet of greaseproof paper over a tray, a pan, or a silicone dish of your choosing. 
  2. Melt the chocolate in the microwave in 20 second intervals. Once melted, grab a spatula and smooth the chocolate over the greaseproof paper. Spread it to your desired thicknes then throw on your toppings! 
  3. Pop in the fridge to harden, roughly 30 mins, and then serve up!
Easter Chocolate Bark | Hungry Little BearYou don't have to create your Easter bark like this either, you can throw almost anything in them. If you want something a bit healthier, try dark chocolate, almonds and dried fruit. Or if milk chocolate is more your thing, you could mix it up with some salty pretzels.

Or you could even marble two different chocolates together to make your very own concoction and throw anything into the mix.

Here's just a few of my favourite different Easter themed combinations...

                                           Sally's Baking Addiction                                                Five Heart Home

                                             BBC Good Food                                                                       Say Yes 
Have a go at creating your own chocolate bark creation this Easter! it's so simple and easy, you won't regret it!

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