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25 August 2015

Banana Cupcakes with Nutella Frosting

Impossibly light and airy banana cupcakes with a smooth, creamy Nutella frosting!
banana cupcakes with nutella frosting sallys baking addiction recipe
I seem to always go back to banana recipes when I want to bake. My chocolate banana loaf cake is among my favourites. Maybe it's because of how easy they are or how I can almost trick myself into thinking they are healthier than they actually are, or maybe it's because I always forget I have bananas and they ripen way too quickly. 

Yeah, it's definitely because of that.  
These banana cupcakes from Sally's Baking Addiction are my new favourite. They're so light and airy and have a hint of cinnamon that I just love. The Nutella frosting is amazing.

Just look at it! Heart eyes galore.

I could literally eat it by the spoonful.

banana cupcakes with nutella frosting sallys baking addiction recipe

Thank you, Sally!

It's so delicious and soft and has the consistency of a mousse. You have to try it. It goes really well with the banana flavour. But then again, everything goes well with Nutella. Try it on your favourite cupcakes and you will not be disappointed.

The recipe makes 18 delicious cupcakes. Keep them in the fridge for up to 3 days, but I doubt they'll make it that long.

I can always rely on Sally's recipes for simple, quick and great tasting food. These cupcakes are no exception. So on a (very) rainy afternoon, I turned to my trusty Sally's Baking Addiction cookbook and picked out these... because I had super ripe bananas that I didn't want to throw away.

banana cupcakes with nutella frosting sallys baking addiction recipe

Life has been crazy busy recently; I started a new job last month which has kept my Monday to Friday completely occupied. I get home and I can just about cook dinner and shower before passing out. 

Then weekends come around and I'm either spending time with my family, entertaining my tiny, cute little 3 month old nephew with Chewbacca sounds or out with friends. It becomes hard to squeeze in time for blogging or writing.

Not to mention, I've recently got back into Pretty Little Liars and have been binge watching it to catch up and find out who A is. It's very time consuming and addictive. 

Hi, my name's Kathryn and I am a serial TV binge watcher. Nice to meet you. 

banana cupcakes with nutella frosting sallys baking addiction recipe

But I'm working on making more time for blogging. I've got a full list of blog ideas that has me bursting with excitement and some new DIY projects lined up which include pallets. I'd be silly not to when my work is surrounded with free pallets. It's like they're calling my name.

If you like banana recipes as much as me (or have a lot of super ripe bananas lying around) and are drooling at the sight of that soft, whippy  Nutella frosting like I am, then you can find the banana cupcake recipe here and the frosting here. The recipe is in Sally's cookbook on page 136 if you have it! It's highly recommended that you buy her cookbook. It's a great investment.

What are your favourite recipes to turn to on a rainy day? 

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