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8 Jan 2016

Blog Goals for 2016

Blog Goals 2016 | Hungry Little Bear

Last year definitely had its ups and its downs for me. My nephew being born was definitely an up! Cheesy as it sounds, it's amazing to see everything through his eyes now. His laugh is also the cutest thing ever. 

Landing a solid job post-uni was another highlight, but the journey to it was not. Temp work and being unemployed for months is not fun. I started putting more time into this blog, but still haven't done as much as I would have hoped. 

There have been so many times that I've had a baking idea in my head and then forgotten about it or made it and it's eaten it before photos can be taken. There's also been baking fails - some I'm just never attempting again. Ever.

Blogging is definitely not as easy as some may think it is. It's not all sunshine, baked goods and pretty photos. Everything takes a lot of time and a lot of effort. Which is why I've put together some blog goals for this year. 

Everyone makes resolutions at the start of the year but I can never stick to resolutions. There's too much pressure and they just end up making you feel like a failure. Goals sound a lot more attainable and realistic.

2016, I've got big plans for you!

Plan more
I am not good at planning or scheduling. What I bake is usually determined by how I feel that day, so scheduling is not so easy. But I want to try and keep to a rough schedule of one post a week in 2016. In effort to help me plan better, I've bought a pretty notebook as an incentive. Because that helps, right?

Post more
Bloggers who post daily or every other day - I applaud you! You go Glen Coco! But how the heck do you do it?! I would love to churn out more content on here that I'm proud of and want to share. Nowadays, I'm struggling to bake, photograph and blog while working full time and spending time with friends and family. Winter natural light doesn't help either. (Bring on summer and all your natural light goodness!) With planning posts in advance, I'm hoping it'll help to keep me in line with posting regularly.

Bake more
It's strange to think I probably baked more before I started blogging. I never anticipated the time and effort that goes into one simple blog post. Bloggers make it look easy, but it is far from it. Baking is and will always be my favourite way to relax, get creative and shut off the outside world. I want to also get more adventurous with food, experiment with different flavours, decorating techniques... and maybe tackle the dreaded fondant again. Maybe.

Engage more
When I started blogging, I loved getting involved in the chats on twitter. But over time, I ended up forgetting and catching the chat at the very end - super annoying. I want to get back into it and involved on more chats on twitter. In the end, I'd love to have the confidence to go to blogger meet ups. I'm awkward and most nights I just want to stay inside, eat carbs and veg out in my pjs. Don't we all? I want to push myself outside of my comfort zone more and start saying 'yes' more.

Travel more
You may be thinking, what the heck kinda blog goal is that? But I'm throwing it in here because travel is something I wanted to incorporate into my blog from the start. I love visiting different countries, exploring the cities and trying out their foods. I've spent countless hours reading other people's travel blogs and following them on their adventures that I want to do more of my own. I got a taste of travelling solo back in 2013 when I went to America for 3 months while working at camp. I was based in Michigan at the camp for 2 months before travelling to NYC and North Carolina in the last month and loved every bit of it, even though part of me wished I maybe wasn't the awkward Brit sometimes and was a bit more confident. But eh that happens. Maybe it's time to start embrace being the awkward one for once!

What are your blog or personal goals for 2016?

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