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19 Jun 2015

Pallet Garage Storage Solution

Do you find yourself wishing you had somewhere to store all those pallet slats that you just pile up in a corner? Or do you wish you had somewhere for all your garden tools to live permanently?

Then I have the solution for you! (and it's free too!)

quick and easy pallet garage garden shed storage solution

A pallet!

They're super versatile. Easy to move in a pinch. And even easier to store things in. And it doesn't cost a penny!

Can you tell I'm a bit obsessed?

I was scouring Pinterest one evening (as you do) and came across someone using a pallet to store all their gardening tools in (brushes, forks, spades, etc) and thought.. "hmm I could do with one of those for all the pallet slats I have laying around the garage!" So after finding the right pallet, I turned it on its side and checked it was big enough to stack pallets in, sanded the rough edges that could catch and splinter, splashed a bit of paint on it (purely to look prettier) and voila! A super simple storage solution was created in less than 10 minutes!

It doesn't have to be for pallets either.. you could easily use something like this in a shed/garage to store gardening tools in too! You could even screw in handles/hooks (where it's painted) to hang trowels and forks, and anything else small and handy! Paint is purely optional, I find it just makes it look more like a storage space and less like fire wood for my Dad to burn.

I'm hoping it will motive me to get crafty more, as the pallets are just ready waiting to be made into something! So go on and give it a go!

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