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3 Feb 2015

Let's Talk | 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl is not a big event here in the UK. But it's probably the biggest sporting event of the year in the US. It's a huuuuuge spectacle, complete with a halftime show with a new musical act each year. Katy Perry filled that slot this year, with a special 30 minute show to a packed 70,000+ audience in Glendale, Arizona.

However, most Americans say the best part of the Superbowl, is the commercials. (UK don't get the same commercials in their stream of the game sadly).Companies will pay millions of dollars for just a 30 second/1 minute slot in the game to reach the millions and millions of eyeballs watching at home. Some are controversial, some have important messages, while others will just make you cry over the cuteness of puppies.

Here is a rundown of some memorable Superbowl adverts from yesterdays event. 

1. Always "#LikeaGirl"

Always did an incredible job, asking us all: "when did doing something "like a girl" become an insult?". The ad tells us how a girl's confidence plummets during puberty, but it doesn't have to. The phrase takes on a different meaning to a teenager, than it does to a 10 year-old.The teenagers show us the demeaning and insulting side that "like a girl" has taken on in the world today, telling them they're weak and not as good. Whilst when a young girl is asked what it meant to run like a girl, she simply said "it means to run as fast as you can", showing us the untainted outlook the young mind has. It shows no limitations to the phrase, it presents the phrase as empowering. The advert is celebrating female athleticism on a day dominated by male athletes.

Always wants to rewrite the rules for girls, making sure that girls everywhere keep their confidence throughout puberty and beyond, and making a start by showing them that doing it #LikeAGirl is an awesome thing. Well done, Always.

"Why can't 'run like a girl' also mean win the race?"

2. NO MORE's Official Super Bowl Ad
This was the first-ever Super Bowl commercial addressing domestic violence and sexual assault. That is a feat in itself. The message is strong, to the point and silencing to viewers. Everyone watching it appreciated the strong message that was sent. I don't think there was any negativity at all received from this PSA. And rightfully so. It's a piece of incredible and creative advertising work and is based off a real 911 dispatch call.

3. Toyota "How Great I Am"
Set to an iconic speech by Muhammad Ali, Amy Purdy shows true strength and how great she really is. To save her life, her dad had to make some life changing decisions. She then went on to win a medal in Sochi and dance in front of millions. Toyota is showing us how nothing can stop her. Watch and see how great she is. Ali's words make this ad even greater. It's visually beautiful and incredibly empowering. Another commercial done well. And yes, she does look like Kate Hudson.
4. 2015 Chevy Super Bowl Advert
Round of applause for Chevy, folks! This advert sent everyone who was watching the game into a meltdown. Buzzfeed has an article on it. I think the whole of America hated Chevy in that moment for thinking their TV had cut out and they couldn't watch the rest of the game. It's a really clever advert. Well done, Chevy. You also made me really want to buy a Colorado truck... That is, if I had the money and could actually parallel park it.

5. McDonalds "Pay with Lovin'"

This was such a cute advert where there's a new payment method in town... Love. So clever by McDonalds with a play on their regular slogan, "I'm lovin' it". Reminding us all to share the love more often. I had a smile on my face the whole time I watched it. Warm, giddy feelings everywhere. I challenge you not to smile while watching.

6. Nationwide "Make Safe Happen"

Warning: this gets dark very quickly. I was so not expecting the twist it took. Nationwide said it was all about awareness, minimising risks and it definitely carries an important message. It got a lot of people talking on social media, some not agreeing it had a place during the Super Bowl as it darkened the mood in a time where commercials are meant to be kept light and funny. However, others appreciated the strong message it sent to everyone watching. It's easy to see why Nationwide chose to air this advert during the Super Bowl, a time when millions are watching at home, abling them to reach the maximum amount of viewers in one time.

7. Budweiser "Lost Dog" 

Time for my favourite advert of them all!

For me, Budweiser always has the best Super Bowl adverts. With the Clydesdale horses, the puppy and their bonding; it's sure to warm anyones heart. Even those cold ones out there. Each year, they tell a new story between mans best friend and his loyal companion. Best Buds always! The puppy stumbling on the bale of hay at the end is just the cherry on top. Makes me want a Lab puppy even more than I did before. Oh, and Clydesdale too.

Note: No words are even spoken in this ad and it's still just as good/powerful as any other commercial out there. 

Honourable mention: Bud Light - Pac Man
I just really liked the whole concept of the commercial :) Can a place like this actually exist please? Make it happen Bud Light.

The bonus I-really-really-didn't-like-it-one-bit advert:

Of course it goes to the since-pulled Go Daddy advert. I really don't know what they were thinking when someone suggested this as a legit advert. It's a play on the Super Bowl famous Budweiser Puppy adverts they run every year, with a similar set up with the barn and a puppy. It's all eerily similar. I thought it was a Budweiser ad until the scene at the end where once the puppy returns, the woman unceremoniously chucks the puppy into a van as it's been sold on Go Daddy website. I think they're gonna see a drop in customers. The Super Bowl audience loves the Puppy Budweiser ads, they pull on heart strings and send the viewers into a cuteness meltdown. This one however, does not. As always, Go Daddy ads get people talking because of their constant controversial ads. So part of me isn't surprised yet another one of their ads got pulled.

Did you have any favourite/least favourite ads of the Super Bowl? If so, let me know in the comments below! 

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