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9 Dec 2014

Winter Wonderland

Wanting to start the festive season off right, the girls and I made our way up to London for the afternoon to visit Winter Wonderland. Set up in Hyde Park, it's littered with German-style market huts, selling anything from trinkets to homemade crafts, to christmas decorations, to furry new hats... and not to mention, German Bratwurst sausages and mulled wine/cider. I was essentially in food heaven.

The smells of crepes, sausages, churros, mulled drinks and hot chocolate were everywhere. It didn't take long til we were hungry after walking around.

Winter Wonderland is a maze. The maps do not help in the slightest. But you're never far from food, so don't worry.

It has the feels of a fair ground with the waltzers, mini rollercoasters and mirror mazes all over the place. But a christmassy one. The chill in the air definitely helped, as did the christmas trees and pretty lights everywhere. A slight warning if you're preparing a visit - it's very busy! It's not so much queues, as it is masses of people just everywhere. So go early in the morning/afternoon to avoid as much of that as possible.

The market huts are a really cute place to pick up some unique Christmas gifts, with a highlight being there were one or two stalls where you can personalise porcelain tree ornaments right in front of you! It was a really cute idea, with no shortage of customers. 

A highlight for us, was the Carousel Bar. It's a bar... on a moving coursel. It's great. I don't know how the staff can stay on there all day without feeling sick though, props to those guys. It does move super slow, so easy to hop on and off and it has a few tables and carousel horses to nurse your drinks at. I, obviously, opted for mulled wine. I've been waiting to have some - it makes me feel all wintery and warm. Delicious. I'm looking forward to making my own this Chirstmas. 

Unfortunately, all the attractions that you pay for prior to arriving were sold out for that day, so we weren't able to go ice-skating or go inside the magic ice kingdom or (the one we were really looking forward to) the ice bar. So my advice would be to book a week plus in advance for attractions but otherwise, entry is completely and 100% free! And totally worth it for an afternoon feeling Christmassy, surrounded with German market stalls and delicious Bratwurst sausage! 

But wear comfortable shoes because you'll do a lot of walking and standing. I was ready for a sleep when I got home, and this little guy beat me to it.

Have you visited Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park yet? If so, let me know what you thought about it in the comments below! If not, what other Christmas places/events are you going to this season? One day, I'd love to visit the real deal Christmas markets in Germany.

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  1. oh i would love to go to this some year! it looks great! i went to the belfast market which is very popular. nothing beats waing around with a hot apple cider/mulled wine or hot choc with rum whilst checking the food/gifts out!

  2. It was a great afternoon out! Exactly! The food and drink definitely make the walking around worthwhile :)



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