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18 Oct 2014

DIY: Wine Cork Bulletin Board

Last year, I was very proud of myself for starting Christmas presents suuuuuper early and crafted most of them myself and this was one of them! Homemade gifts are more personal, and I have found that they are the most rewarding presents to give. I first saw the idea on Lauren Conrad's website and fell in love with it! It's the perfect christmas gift to someone or even yourself! I made a little and a large within an hour and they only require a few items.

DIY homemade wine cork bulletin boards www.hungrylittlebear.co.uk

The smaller of the two started out as a tester, to see how well the hot glue would work with the corks – but it turned out better than I thought and that ended up as a gift too!

DIY homemade wine cork bulletin boards www.hungrylittlebear.co.uk

They are perfect gifts or bulletin boards for yourself – ideal for anywhere in the home for lovely little messages or photos pinned to them. 

DIY homemade wine cork bulletin boards www.hungrylittlebear.co.uk

You'll need:
- straight wine corks
- hot glue gun
- a short strand of ribbon of your choice
- scissors
- one thumb tack

Simply arrange the corks in whichever shape you want. Then, one side at a time, start gluing them together! One long strip of hot glue on each side will do perfectly. Make sure to hold them together to ensure they are all touching - then leave to dry and make a short loop with ribbon and pin it to the back of the shape. You’ll realise how easy they are to make and very inexpensive for those leftover wine corks… so start saving them! 

Lauren Conrad has a great video on how to make these bulletin boards. She has some amazing DIY ideas on her site (maybe one day I'll work my way through a few, hopefully!) for gifts and DIY of all sorts - just makes me wish I had my own home to decorate and do DIY for now!  

DIY homemade wine cork bulletin boards www.hungrylittlebear.co.uk

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  1. These are so cute!! And such a good idea! Love it!xo


  2. This is so cute! Such a good idea for a christmas present - need to get into my DIY :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Perfect for christmas :) Good luck for getting into some DIY - it's really rewarding when you see the finished product!



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